Why are you following me ?

Being followed is pretty scary. Especially if you are more in the ‘shadows’ than out. A grisly profile pic and a few words is all I have to go on … can you be trusted; will you stay on your side of the street; is it friendship or something sinister?

4 min readJun 15, 2021


Photo by Devin Kaselnak on Unsplash

In most polite social circles having someone constantly follow you is frowned upon …scary even.

“Have you told the police?”, someone might offer.

But on Medium, it leads to a brief and mild state of euphoria. It’s a happy moment. Some unsuspecting person thinks you are interesting enough to make that conscious decision to follow.

But for me the euphoria is quickly replaced with “WHY” … what was that single happening or moment in time when you decided … “bugger it, caution to the wind, I’m going to follow this gal / guy.” OR … This guys writing is so bad, I will follow to remind me to do better. This guy is the yardstick of what I do not want to become. Or ….is it possibly the other. Can it be?

You do realize “a follow” is for life … don’t you. Like marriage. Only without the sexual thing. Literally (such an overused word), nobody unfollows. It’s impolite. I’ve only ever unfollowed one writer because I got tired of him bashing the USA, and I’m not even American. I’ve also only ever unsubscribed from two online publications via email IN MY LIFE! What a day that was. Incredible power as I hit the “unsubscribe” link and it forlornly inquired if I was sure … and I responded -

“Abso-f’ing-lutely.” – this should be a word! Shouldn't it? I felt liberated, I could conquer the world. I briefly considered how sad the unfollowed might be, but then the wave of euphoria took hold and I had a whole glass of Coca Cola. A drink for the victors if ever there was one. Nelson drank a coca cola at Trafalgar. Before he was shot that is. One click and I owned my space. I was the “evictee” (another word). I am on fire.

Is it just me? Does anybody else click on the new follower and check if he clapped, or responded to an article I’d posted. Like a dating site we check them out. Profile Pic. How long on Medium, what are they into, Is the intro…




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