The Trump Effect – just an opinion

My son and I each won a wager that Trump would win in 2016. I think I’m prepared to double down on that bet for 2020.

I find it amusing to read that polls, journalists and media stars & moguls think that Trump cannot win the Presidential election because of his handling of Corona; or because of impeachment. They’re already writing him off. However what’s (maybe) not being considered is this – people who vote for Trump don’t do ‘reading, forward planning and polling’, they’re busy living, fighting for America and working!

It’s time people really looked at WHO votes for Trump and WHY they continue to love him, rather than what he’s done wrong or what he has said that’s so awfully ‘silly billy’.

Firstly on impeachment – in the eyes of followers, he was vindicated. He WON because he wasn’t impeached. End of story. On Corona, read on.

These Trump voters are not happy with American capitulation to external governments. Outsourcing; foreign labour; taking factories lock stock and barrel out of the USA; letting China win; etc. Because this affects them directly. Mexicans take jobs from them so the idea is to build a wall, surely that says it all. And Corona is an IMPORT … in a country fuelled by an isolationist stance – It helps Trump!And none of that stuff may actually be true. But since when is truth a pillar to build from, in politics!

None of what matters to “Trumpers” seems to matter or resonate with the writers, academia and pollsters. Trumpers were hurting, they didn’t think America was so great any more. Maybe because they were hungry and couldn’t find decent paying work. Or maybe because life was tougher than expected. Or maybe because the American dream has been eroded by Republicans and Democrats alike, for so long, that they fancied the idea of giving an outsider a go. Could he do worse. So along came Trump to change that debate! It doesn’t matter if he achieves all of it, so long as he tries. And every time he is stopped by Congress, the Democrats think they’ve won a moral victory … the reality is they’ve put another notch in his gun belt! He provided what his voter base wanted and so began a love affair. Perhaps not with the man, but definitely with the myth … and the affair is not finished yet. Trump did it (literally) singlehanded too. And with stiff opposition. But they’ve not silenced him, he’s not backed down. Never bet against the outsider in this next election!

Americans are sick of Congress operating along party lines and providing nothing but stalemates and filibusters. If Trump wins, don’t blame the voters, blame the people currently occupying seats in Congress and Senate. They’re the real problem! America is sick of nothing being done. And they believe, really believe that Trump can change that. I do too. If anybody can, he is thick skinned and arrogant and cocksure enough to pull it off. I don’t like Trump … I don’t like his morals … but politics isn’t about morals, not anymore, I wouldn’t like to take him on in the current America!

Let me state for the record, I’m not American; but I lived in the USA for 6 years (left in 2007), and lived in the South (Georgia). I loved it. More than I care to admit today. What I learned – Americans are different. Culturally; spiritually; morally and ethically different. In truth they do stand on the wall, and have done so for far too long, defending the West against everything, pretty much alone. Americans pay more for almost everything than any other nation – lives lost in the war against terror; UN; WHO (recently changed); etc. They’ve propped the West up for ages – That’s how AMERICANS view it! And they get very little appreciation for it. You may disagree with American policy decisions; you may dislike the concept of war; you may not like America; you may even think American environmental stance is appalling … you may THINK a lot of things but given a war, who’d you rather have in your foxhole … America or literally anybody else! I know who I’d pick! And America doesn’t care what we think about them. Because they understand power!

Trump is building up the military. Why? Trump is scaling back what America pay for for Western freedoms. Why? Americans are tired of being the democratic free world sentries of the world … alone. Trump is not a stupid man – please don’t let the media fool you. He sees this … he understands the mood of the American people. His bad tweets and silly errors are not that big a deal – we like to think they are, media spend thousands of ink inches telling us they are a big deal, but honestly, they’re just not! They’re highlighted by the media because the media is scared of him … he literally bypasses them and has zero fear of them. He is NOT trying to be a Statesman … he’s happy to just be an American. Is that so bad?

He made money buying air rights above buildings and developing an empire. Which he lost but also held onto because the banks didn’t Foreclose. Who gets that right? Who knows how wealthy he really is, who cares, what I do know is very few people have leveraged a brand better than TRUMP has. His name is as well known across the globe as Coca Cola. He’s just a narcissist with an inflated ego, and we hate narcissists and confident men in our European mamsy pamsy politically correct societies. We love confident women though … but not men! Loving confident men is no longer popular, it’s sexist! That’s why we are not that fond of Putin either, and maybe even Boris … he is awfully confident and definitely has an ego, and that’s what we don’t like about him. Remember when he bowled that little kid over playing rugby. Oh we “insipids” loved that because we could point our genteel finger at Boris and say – big bully or something even worse. That’s not what Eton boys should be doing! It’s that little thing we weren’t that keen on, wasn’t it. Silently we are hoping his Corona scare has shaken his bombastic ego and he’s mellowed – But we still want him to lead! We still want a strong leader … but can you have it both ways?

I love humanity, I really do but I hate gender bias and I loathe political correctness … I pick people based on two factors –

1) what’s the task; and

2) who is the best human to accomplish that task.

I’m not interested in balance; or gender bias; or wage gaps; or glass ceilings; or racial prejudice … because if you pander to any of those, you effectively become the very epitome of a prejudicial person or position. I like my thinking, my decisions and my outcomes simple – right or wrong! I like strong fathers … irrespective of orientation or colour, we don’t have enough strong fathers in the world any more. Governments have seen to that. It’s unsightly to see a strong father figure. We prefer the smell of baby powder on our men rather than sweat. Except for our male actors or our fantasyland … oh then we want to be ravished by rough, tall, dark and handsome (naughty) men like Idris Elba or Jason Statham. Oh how I despise political correctness over truth! We need to let the real stuff on the inside come out. And then we can deal with the prejudices of the world! Political correctness will resolve nothing … it will just trip us up as we sweep reality under the carpet. Reality will just hide in the shadows of the black markets of our minds…! Talking openly about it will do far more. Personally I’d rather see and deal with racism / sexism etc. head on than wait for it to attack me stealthily. Look how much forced political correctness and trying to control it in the USA or South Africa has achieved – diddly squat! We love to live a lie. It’s become comfortable. I hate racism etc. but I hate political correctness and lies far more. The reality is we don’t have to love black, white, gay, transgender, Catholic’s or Muslims … we just have to give it equal opportunity, level the playing fields and let it naturally unfold. Unless we understand and talk about the problems openly, in public, on the streets – not on TV with carefully selected guests, who hopefully create ‘Balance’ … we will never achieve true equality.

Honestly, evolving as a species is important, but so is common sense and if we had used today’s comedic politically correct “rules based” systems, back when we were pioneering land and forging countries, we would have failed. Trump cuts through all this. It’s not pretty, and it’s clumsy … but I at least know what he’s thinking! I fear most politicians are stabbing you in the back whilst smiling with you, with an arm around your shoulder. At least with Trump I know to guard my back.

Isn’t it strange that during wars and pandemics, the systems change and rules are broken and thrown aside in order to survive! Not all the rules mind you … just the myriad of stupid ones that are usually created by people who always wanted to be prefects and class monitors at school but didn’t quite cut the mustard! They pop up when nobodies watching, longevity gives them a platform, and they create “stupidity”. And we mostly say … what can it hurt, let them have a go, let them have a little win! Until eventually we are crushed by the weight of their feathers!

Let’s not forget that in 2016 Trump, a political outsider with zero previous experience, dared to believe and defeated every Republican option in the primaries and then defeated Hillary Clinton. I don’t think I need to remind people of Hillary’s CV. We underestimated him then, and we’re doing it now. And the Democrats have just shot themselves in the foot with Biden too. They’re going to help Trump, not hinder him! Biden will do for the Democrats what Jeremy Corbyn did for labour in the U.K. – make the party unelectable, in my opinion.

Do you remember the documentary on Trumps hotels where his children (who were much younger) described the attention to detail in his rooms; the hotel building generally; the design choices; the decor and fabric choices. It was mind boggling, so detailed, incredible … This man is about attention to detail and knowing what matters. What sells! He may not be an administrator … but he’s a details guy, he never forgets (even enemies), and he is a great salesman, half of wining an election is the art of selling – whether it’s selling a dream; selling yourself or selling a nightmare opponent to the opposition!

I have a question around media portrayal of Trump. I think it’s important because a lot of Trumps negative ratings are actually media driven. Be it late night tv hosts, radio or press.

How come there are no whooping and hollering red neck reporters asking him questions. Or loving his answers. Cause they’re doing it in homes and bars up and down the country. Or blue collar reporters? All the reporters are white collar, educated, middle class and repetitive. Even the very far right and left options. Mainstream media reporting is so biased and fickle … I think the real reason they hate Trump and report on his every error is because he doesn’t consider them all that important. He isn’t scared of reporters or what they’ll report. It frightens reporters that they’ve been marginalised by the Trump administration. He speaks to his base and for him, that’s what matters. Or rather … them hearing him matters, that’s why he tweets. The media in the USA has never been weaker, more vacuous or worse. Trump sees that. We should all see it. The only people who really don’t see it is the actual media. They’re busy pointing out what they believe Trump hasn’t seen. Or what gaff they think he’s made. The phrase “Take the plank out of your own eyes before taking the splinter out of Trumps” springs to mind. Our general media has never left us more uninformed.

If you picked up any newspaper today, and all branding was removed, you would either immediately know which publication it is, or alternatively think that it could be one from a number of publishing houses. There is no differentiation. Even the front page photographs or headlines are usually identical! You ever think about that. Are we that blended … that “mono-chromatic” … are we really that ‘sheep herded’. Thank god for Trump! The publications are either the same or written with a perpetual slant … and I’m not talking left or right wing here! I can abide by that.

I’m not sure it’s all “fake news” – but I’m certain it’s copycat ‘off the wire’ not real news. And I’m certain it took as much effort to write and produce as I took to eject last nights dinner from my bowels. (And for the record … I don’t have any bags or pipes inserted into my body – it’s all au natural). So ejecting comes easily to me.

So too with the Hollywood ‘elite’ who run him down … you are not his target market. He isn’t looking for your vote! And frankly the world is tired of Hollywood, famous media celebrities and it’s pretentious ‘elite’. The “struggle” of surviving in lockdown in a 25 million dollar home without 10 staff! Let’s rather focus on the people really struggling!

Economically they say Corona has killed a 2020 victory for Trump. He can’t overcome the economic fallout. I disagree. You cannot blame Trump for the economy unless you can PIN Corona on him. And you cannot. Furthermore … the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Trump hasn’t started blaming someone (properly) for Corona yet. That battle is coming. He’s dropped a few hints … he does that to gauge the room I think. Media think it’s a blunder – How naive they are. And Trump will be strategic as to timing and focus and attention to detail on that score. All he has to do is link Corona with China and he’s literally won the equivalent of a (military) war. Or at least is in one. His voter base will shoehorn him in. And that ‘link’ could be as strong as Bush’s weapons of mass destruction – it doesn’t have to be real!

You can’t blame the death toll on Trump either. Plus he is starting to (strategic) talk about deaths as a percentage of population. That will be key for him. He will turn those deaths into a percentage game … and with that win the battle for hearts and minds. Not of everybody … just those that vote for him. Those that matter! To him! Furthermore trust me when I say, Congress isn’t out of the woods either. He will stick it to them too. He is a survivalist! Where have all the State leaders and Congress people been in all this. Hiding in homes with masks on? You think the reason he doesn’t wear a mask is just because he is stupid. I remind you. This man is razor focused and applies himself to detail … very little is ‘by chance’. Even the fact that it slips out that he eats hamburgers and loves McDonalds isn’t a mistake. It’s calculated. His tweets are calculated. Everything is a calculation. Even how stupid the media is! He speaks to his base constantly. Trump will use the Republican party … but he doesn’t love it. It’s nothing more than a vehicle to get him to his destination. If necessary, he will gladly dump it at the side of the road if the need requires it. Gladly!

Yes some of his calls are controversial but he’s in the news. He IS the news cycle, he’s not part of it! That’s all he wants.

Politically he’s an outsider. New to the job. He is learning on the job. Politics is new to him. Watch him use that in his campaign to spectacular advantage. People say he was lucky in the previous election because he secured the ‘right’ electoral college votes in marginal States. That wasn’t luck! And like Hillary didn’t pay attention … the Democrats have already dropped the ball once with the choice of Biden. How many fumbles are they entitled to? Time will tell.

Trump knew that winning the Whitehouse in 2016 was probably a long shot. So he took a calculated risk and gambled on certain States! He spoke to a particular base in those States. I don’t think he knew how to win, but he knew how NOT to lose. And it paid off. Trump gets this point in spades – before you can reach for the win, make sure you’ve shored up the bases and done all you can so you cannot lose!

The Donald created a new unique voter base. One the Republicans had probably not ‘owned’ for decades. That base defied party logic and crossed party lines. He managed to mobilise a section of voters that had been overlooked. Oh they’d been considered on some small level and with some points of difference, but Trump hooked them where it really mattered. He scored on the big point! It wasn’t about Republican v Democrat … it was about being neglected; unhappy and embarrassed to call myself an American. They’d watched previous administrations sell the American birthright out from underneath their boots … and they’d had enough. Corona or no Corona – that’s not gone away. And I think it will be unwise to forget that in November 2020. And here’s the rub … Donald will double down on this point. And nobody, absolutely nobody can get out in front of him on it. If that point still matters, and I think it does, Trump will win.

I think his siding with lockdown protestors is testing that water. And those protestors are still very ‘Trump receptive’! Watch out. Why do I think Trump won’t be judged by the economy or Corona. Because a hell of a lot of Americans couldn’t give a flying you know what about corona and therefore don’t think the economy issues are Trumps fault. What they do know is how the economy was tracking BEFORE Corona. Don’t just look at the vocal ones out on the streets – For each one of them there are thousands behind them sitting quietly at home but thinking the same thing. The story of this pandemic can be encapsulated by the wearing of a ‘Mask’ – 3 months in and there is no consensus if it should, or should not be worn. Is the mask critical or not?? Trump will ride this Corona wave and be fine, but notice he’s never worn a mask! Is that chance or intentional! I know what I think. Americans who vote for Trump want to get back to work. They want their lives back. Trump will time this to perfection. No mask signals the (good) old days! Not wearing a mask is the stuff of hero’s … ‘I’m not afraid’ … and America loves a hero.

Social media have thousands rooting for Trump … vocally. With gusto … young people too … the alternative (Democrats) are deathly silent (with masks on). Even as I write this in the middle of the pandemic, with respect, stop listening to academia re Trump, or media or actors … he loves that they’re against him, just stop and listen to the people. The voters.

The moderates, come November, will be saying … can we really blame Trump for Corona? My guess is Corona will end up bumping his ratings up, not pulling his administration down. And never forget that Trump still has the ace up the sleeve – the blame game. All he needs to do is convince the American people that it was a Chinese plot or similar, and all bets are off.

And if anybody can pull that off … it’s Trump! Perception plus coverage in the media (which he literally owns) trumps (pardon the pun) reality and truth every time.

Watch this space.





Brand Nerd. Waiting for the fat lady to sing ! Dyslexic - is it there or their. Passionate about making time to just think!! Sadly thinking hasn’t helped much.

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Brand Nerd. Waiting for the fat lady to sing ! Dyslexic - is it there or their. Passionate about making time to just think!! Sadly thinking hasn’t helped much.

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