Potato Farmer buries 1.4 million pounds of Potatoes during Covid.

4 min readMay 2, 2021

We surely can do better.

Cruise ships anchored in Manila Bay on May 31, 2020. Photographer: TED ALJIBE/AFP

This headline caught my attention. I started to read about the terrible waste caused by Covid. Governments don't really talk about this stuff. Priorities are so skewed in Government these days. All governments. Equally media is so small minded and sensationalist. What constitutes “news” these days would only be found in a 10 cent tabloid a few years ago.

While millions starve across the planet. It is estimated that 10-billion pounds of potato has been dumped in the USA alone. Potatoes that were destined for the foodservice industry – restaurants, cruise liners, hotels etc. which are now sitting closed because of Covid, and cannot take the produce. And it’s not just potatoes, obviously. Think of anything used in the food service industry and it’s being dumped by the tons.

How can this be happening in a modern intelligent “Global” world, you ask? Great question.

I guess the simple answer is either nobody is thinking outside the box, or it’s not financially viable to get involved. But whichever it is, it is a crime against humanity. Its a blight on human intelligence.

The United Nations spends millions of dollars on meetings and summits such as the G7, G8, G20 or DAVOS etc. Yet it can’t resolve a potato glut and redistribute the product to starving families across the globe. Ostensibly because of cost and / or red tape these issues are being ignored. But the UN will issue a press statement saying “we’ve got to do more!” Is nobody in any government agency considering the full knock on effect of Covid closure across the worlds industries. Because if we are burying this many potatoes etc. — it appears not. A simple study in cause and effect would resolve this.

Our government agencies and organisations are useless. Plain and simple. We are desperately in need of thinkers and a new world system. Our political systems across the planet focus on power retention, not governance anymore. They are desperately in need of reform.

Here’s an idea – harness the idle truckers and train haulers who have no work due to Covid, people who are sitting at home worried about where the next paycheque is coming from, hire them, on short term contracts, to haul…


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