My life “SOCKS” !!

Is it just me … or are socks the bane of your existence too!

5 min readOct 3, 2020


Pic courtesy of Meme

I can handle global warming. I can handle another few months of continual USA election politics. Question – as an aside: Is Medium a subsidiary of USA Today, or am I just locked into a USA algorithm vortex? I’ve survived (so far) Covid … what I’m struggling with, is socks.

It’s never both, always just the one. It causes mobility issues. I sit at the end of my bed, immobile, contemplating my options.

I’m looking at my socked feet. They match, which is both brilliant and unusual … but one is clearly inside out. I can see the seam end thread poking past the end of my little toe like the distant flag of my sworn enemy.

- Leave it – nobody’s going to notice;

– Change it – is it really worth the effort;

- leave it – But worry about the thread rubbing against the little toe, it WILL cause a toe blister. All men know this “pain” surpasses natural childbirth. Men are incredibly tough;

- Change it – or walk around self consciously knowing it’s wrong. But mostly that you’re too lazy to bend the one “shin bone length”, while sitting, and fix it.

A crushing economy and 8.4 kilogram weight gain during covid lockdown pales into insignificance during this anguished quandary. It’s an issue elevated to a dilemma. No doubt it will reside in the “ I told you so” compartment of my brain (usually inhabited by my ‘darling’ wife) and toy with my day. Am I that lazy. It appears I am.

Covid lockdown has made me realise, it was never the lack of time that stopped me thoroughly cleaning my home.

Not bothering to bend for this sock … confirms it – I’m officially lazy. So my day is destined to be:

Nice coffee … yes but my one sock is inside out.

Great weather … yes but my one sock is inside out.

Look they’ve found a cure for Covid … yes but my sock is inside out,

I’ve got to get my mind of this BLASTED sock, I’ll go see Elaine, she’s got a new kitten!

Elaine: Meet my new kitten …




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