Is this America? A social comment.

6 min readAug 3, 2021

A question to every American.

Is this America?

I have lived in America. I’ve met Americans, I do not believe it is. I do not WANT to believe it is. My daughter is an American citizen by birth … I know she is NOT this way inclined. She, like most Americans I have met, is generous and loving.

So why is this happening and where do these Americans live, that seem happy leaving people on the streets, starving?

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Sadly it appears he passed away not long after this was filmed.

Through my work I spend a lot of time on social media sites. Every so often a post grabs my attention and I cannot walk away from it. I always read the comments section of social media posts. It’s more revealing than the videos themselves.

When will American churches stop building bigger cathedrals to capitalism; stop looking inwards to the congregation and organizing the monthly “cook-out BBQ” … and look outwards to help these people.

Pastors so busy with outreaches to lead people to Christ but unable to help real folk in need. Jesus fed the multitudes BEFORE he spoke the word.

The Christian VOTE is a powerful thing come election time … use it! Both Financially and Collectively through petitioning the governments — both State and National.

I am always amazed at the millions of excuses USA citizens find to exonerate themselves and justify why this type of issue is not America’s responsibility. And they are even more CERTAIN they are not individually responsible.

Responsibility is fast becoming that drunken distant cousin nobody identifies with any more.

America – The wealthiest country on the planet, that has made a political statement for decades that it defends the rights of downtrodden nations around the Globe. The global defender of “free” societies, “democracy” in oppressed lands. There to assist the down-trodden.

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