An egg by any other name, is but a meal!

Sometimes the simplest foods are the very best.

9 min readJul 17, 2020


I can cook really complicated recipes, but it takes a real talent to do the perfect egg. Chrissy Teigen

So how do you fry or scramble the perfect egg? As chef-owner (patron) of a restaurant group, I have hired my fair share of chefs over the past 30-odd years. Our food was considered high-end, we were in the Michelin guide.

I prefer to call it a decent bistro offer. I consult now, but I stood at stoves for at least 25 of those 30-odd years. I’ve honed the practical side of my chef interview process down to this:

  1. Cook me your signature dish;
  2. Make me some mayonnaise from scratch; and
  3. Either fry or scramble 2 eggs with one slice of toast.

I tell them I don’t mind what bread you use, but I’m judging it; I want soft eggs if fried, and I don’t care what you put in the scrambled, but it’s the eggs I’m judging, not the added ingredients. Oh, and by the way – don’t do point 1, until you’ve satisfied me with points 2 & 3.

Some of these chefs have been cooking for many years. My restaurants were in Africa; Europe and America. I use the same interview test for all units and the results are universally similar.

Few chefs cook eggs well and many of the chefs don’t get to do point 1.

Watching a person cook eggs will teach you all you need to know about that individual’s temperament and cooking ability.

And why choose an egg as the test ingredient?

Cooked well, an egg is a thing of great beauty, but it’s equally very easy to botch. Attention to detail is a hallmark of a great chef and his kitchen. There is no point in having the best ingredients cooked to perfection but served on a chipped plate. You may as well use lousy ingredients. Leaving feathers on a chicken; sinew in some beef; leaving pin bones in a fish fillet; uncovered garlic in the fridge.

All these little error examples impact a well-run kitchen and it’s always about attention to detail, which you need to apply to cook the perfect egg along with timing – so what better ingredient…




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