Everything we never needed to know about something we use every day

Marginally humorous and relatively factual. Researched — but not deeply. Scary but not “Horror”. Interesting but not essential.

You could scroll on, but then you’d POTENTIALLY be susceptible to a home break-in.

That’s click-bait personified.

Best read when you’re bored or forced to remain sitting on the toilet for an…

RIP Meatloaf

In his memory, I’ll never eat meatloaf again! (Maybe).

I was never a massive fan anyway. Of the meal, not the singer. Loved the singer. Unlike New Year resolutions – not eating meatloaf is actually do-able.

I have a best friend who is incredible at predicting history.

He will storm into the room and exclaim – as a prediction.

Too early?

A Muslim man with all the trimmings — the name; a beard; a small bag with hardly any clothing; a criminal record; and known intention — arrives in the USA; clears security and heads straight for TEXAS.

Meanwhile at the same time and in the same airport, GoldMan Sachs executive…

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours …

I recently wrote an Epistle about my writing process. See below:

I did it in the hope that other Medium writers would share a bit about how they approach writing.

So much is written about grammar and how much money I made or did not make, or ‘if you use…

The “Boss” and “Doc”, Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg), one in the same, have requested the blanks are filled in.

Consider this my cement “offering”.

A Limerick, by UVEBRUCE, circa — who gives a flying f&%k.

To authors who don’t write in Doc Funny

Other Pubs may notice we’re chummy

We’re plain as vanilla sugar

But don’t give a booger

Lets just get on with not being “all bummy”!

And this is why I stay…

I read a lot on Medium about grammatical issues and correction, which, while important, are for me, far less important than the ability to convey mood, rhythm, and a good story.

But there is very little in Medium about writing in general and the writer’s individual process. I find the individual process fascinating.


The book above has chapters on : - How to get into Newspapers and Magazines; Books — the publishing process, listings, inspiring writers, writing advice, poetry; Screen and Audio; Theatre; Literary Agents; Art & Illustration; Societies, Prizes and Festivals; Self-Publishing; Resources for Writers; Law & Copyright; Money, Tax and…

One of two strange things that kept my relationship alive with my father during the difficult teen years. The other is more bizarre.

My departed father used to play this age-old trick on me as a young boy … Which I dutifully did … and you know the rest. He would fart and we would laugh.

It continued right up until my late teens.

During those difficult teen years, when we didn’t always…

I am calling my column — “The Man From UNCLE”. It is my personal push-back against all female Agony Aunt columnists.

It is my less than perfect, pathetically lackluster attempt to level the playing fields in the dark arts of sexist political correctness.

I am taking this work extremely seriously indeed ... for this week anyway.

I intend to lower the glass ceiling on all agony aunt columns!

My column has…


Brand Nerd. Waiting for the fat lady to sing ! Dyslexic - is it there or their. Passionate about making time to just think!! Sadly thinking hasn’t helped much.

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