We all need to do our ‘bit’, I’m “finger-waggingly” informed by my youngest.

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“If you want to save the planet, eat crickets and insects” – my online downloaded newspaper informs me.

I immediately begin to consider – how vital is this planet really, is my life absolutely dependent on THIS particular planet. I’m not sure I’m “cricket eating” desperate to save this planet. As with everything – I’m just mildly desperate. Mild should be my middle name.

But the finger wag suggests this is serious … so I’ve bought a small round table from IKEA. It’s for my imaginary Knights of the Round Table gatherings to right the wrongs of the world.


We surely can do better.

Cruise ships anchored in Manila Bay on May 31, 2020. Photographer: TED ALJIBE/AFP

This headline caught my attention. I started to read about the terrible waste caused by Covid. Governments don't really talk about this stuff. Priorities are so skewed in Government these days. All governments. Equally media is so small minded and sensationalist. What constitutes “news” these days would only be found in a 10 cent tabloid a few years ago.

While millions starve across the planet. It is estimated that 10-billion pounds of potato has been dumped in the USA alone. Potatoes that were destined for the foodservice industry – restaurants, cruise liners, hotels etc. which…

Photo in the public domain and on public record – CAMERON HERRIN REACTS THE MOMENT HE HEARS HIS SENTENCE – 24 YEARS IN PRISON

A post arrived on my FYP on TikTok yesterday and the image of this young man haunts me. I cannot get this 21 year old boy’s frightened eyes out of my head. Can you imagine his hell in federal USA prison?

Cameron Herron, an 18 year old “boy”, ploughed into and killed a mother and her daughter while street car racing at over 100 miles per hour. There are no excuses. This is an appalling and terrible tragedy that just shouldn’t happen. But it did. And sadly in this imperfect world, it happens more often than we would like.


Colin is a cake … In a box … but not a box cake; Colin is an already. baked. cake.

Pic in public domain for M&S

Colin lives in a green house with a window – but not a greenhouse, like red tomatoes can, but not ham, or ham in a can, like spam. Or Eggs. Or eggs and ham …or spam.

Another Colin, Mr. Colin McEnroe (not John) says SEUSS is not banned. Phew! Kevin McCarthy said SEUSS is banned, but that is fake news. He is a big fat li-AR! He is a Daddy Mc Liar! Liars are on the HILL … in the CAPITOL. In the HOUSE … but in the Minority! Phew!

Colin is also not – Cuthbert … Cuthbert is a…

- to cook or not to cook! That is the question.

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

There is so much disinformation out there regarding oils, butters, margarines and what is best to cook with and what is good for you. Since living in Milan, Italy, my eyes have been opened to the wonder of olive oils. Here is my take following 20 plus years as a chef and restaurant owner.

Firstly, I do not EVER knowingly eat or buy margarine. That’s all I’ll say on that product. Generally I do not put chemicals or substitutes into my body if a natural product exists. Example: I’ll choose natural sugar over any alternative – I prefer to just…

It’s wiped a few smiles – but not on this face.

Photo by Javid Naderi on Unsplash

I read with interest the latest news regarding the formation of football’s new Super League, and more interestingly the views expressed by the various governing bodies; fans and commentators.

In the U.K. and Europe it’s mostly disgust and disdain. Even the UK Prime Minister is wading in. The FA is incensed. UEFA and FIFA too. I find it amusing really. They obviously thing it’s a very bad idea.

But those same organisations and people have allowed money to guide every decision in football for the past few decades. Where was the Prime Minister when Bolton and Bury we’re closing down…

Really! I find that quite scary to contemplate. What “things” did Jack the Ripper want?

Photo by William White on Unsplash

This scripture has been bugging me for some time. When this happens I usually let it percolate through my ‘being’ for awhile. I am not someone who prays methodically or reads scripture daily. I do enjoy thinking and meditating though. I use scripture as a life manual. Its pretty comprehensive.

The passage is a call on a human’s entire life, his very existence. And what I find interesting about this passage is that it doesn’t qualify what ‘all things’ are. It doesn’t say all JUST things; or all GOOD things – it simply says ALL things. …

It’s no secret that Bernie Ecclestone is a deal maker par excellence and a marketing genius. Together with Mosley they singlehandedly turned an (at best) “interesting” sport into a global phenomenon. And then Bernie got out. He sold to the Americans and perhaps timed his exit to perfection.

Photo by Tim Carey on Unsplash

Global interest in F1 is dwindling. Amazingly its also dwindled with NASCAR, but for different reasons I suspect. BLM support has turned off the conservative American following of NASCAR. But the timing concerning the two genre’s is interesting. And the reasons more so – viewership is a fickle business these days, it is easy to grow, but just as easy to crash and burn.

In F1, fewer people are paying the exorbitantly high costs on pay-per-view channels; £600 for the cheapest race day package if you go to the circuit, and that doesn’t include getting to and from the event…

Apart from the obvious “there, there” response I’m not sure what I can offer her.

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

I did hold her hand during childbirth – (see past post)


so there is that in the plus column, but men are not really great at ‘emotional support’. Except barmen – they’re brilliant, but alcohol may have something to do with that. They get wiser as the evening progresses.

I have two key questions:

1- Can she still prepare the Sunday roast or will that be dry too ; and

2- Do I trade her in for a new model?

She’s been a great partner actually, so I’m reluctant on point 2, but she’s done most of the ‘heavy…

A modern teenager’s thoroughly modern dilemma.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

I think I preferred the days when putting food on the table, was a dilemma! Todays dilemmas appear a bit out of touch with reality. My new slogan, “is this worth dying for” dictates what I now get steamy about. I find I laugh more.

My two youngest daughters are making a “Snow Woman” in the front garden – it’s minus 4 Celsius, its making my son all ‘hot and bothered’.

“You can’t just decide to call it a snow-WOMAN, you idiots”, he yells out the window, “what possible adaptation makes that a ‘female’ snow person. …


Brand Nerd. Waiting for the fat lady to sing ! Dyslexic - is it there or their. Passionate about making time to just think!!

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