A modern teenager’s thoroughly modern dilemma.

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I think I preferred the days when putting food on the table, was a dilemma! Todays dilemmas appear a bit out of touch with reality. My new slogan, “is this worth dying for” dictates what I now get steamy about. I find I laugh more.

My two youngest daughters are making a “Snow Woman” in the front garden – it’s minus 4 Celsius, its making my son all ‘hot and bothered’.

“You can’t just decide to call it a snow-WOMAN, you idiots”, he yells out the window, “what possible adaptation makes that a ‘female’ snow person. …

I’m a husband … I need help, apparently. My wife suggested I go to “Husbands Anonymous”, but will it interfere with my poker night?

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Hi, my nickname is Sasquatch and I’ve been told that I’m a lousy husband. I have used the word “apparently” quite a bit in this piece, I could have used allegedly, I think the reason is self-explanatory, nonetheless, it is intentional.

I have faults – my wife informs me, she's made a list. My ‘fault list’ is written on the back of another list. We call that second list – ‘THE infamous supermarket list of 2021’! It was the supermarket list that broke the camels back, it was never the straw! I never was sure if that camel straw was…

It’s a bit of a loaded question I guess, I wouldn’t be writing the piece unless:

I had a definite opinion; and

I thought not.

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In truth, with a very few notable exceptions, I don’t think it is worth it. That exception is writing in very niche genre – and the publications match that – other than that, aren't we just building their brand.

I do not mind building someone's brand, but it surely has to be symbiotic? At the very least synergistic.

As a test awhile back, I wrote two articles on an identical subject – I published both – one myself and one through another publication. Mine outperformed the publications by a substantial margin…

I often get asked to recommend a cookbook and why I am recommending it.

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Here are some ideas of great cookbooks from a PERSONAL perspective and why I’ve specifically chosen these. I own over 300 cookbooks and have written a few of my own. Menu’s and cookbooks are my hobby. My most expensive purchase was over 1000 dollars, and my cheapest 50 cents. They’ve all added value to my food journey. My favourites are actually books from the 1800’s and early 1900’s – I enjoy seeing the original recipes because many have been ‘Bastardised’ over time. By getting really old cookbooks or recipes, we get to see the origins. I bought an old bakery…

The new “war cry” of the uneducated conservative right.

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I find this comment along with — “if you don't like it — leave” so mind numbingly asinine that I should just ignore it. But that's not what writers and social commentators do, sadly we always intervene. Plus, its hard to ignore something that is in your face 24/7. I love trying to write comedy …but there is not much comedy in this new war cry. It is as serious as a heart attack.

Please read my piece on fear.

But “Biden is not my President” tears gaping holes in the very thing the right supposedly believe in … the…

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USA, currently the only world “superpower”. And yet it is racked by FEAR. For me, that’s bizarre.

How sad it is that humanity classifies a superpower by military strength and not humanitarian or moral endeavour- perhaps some small island could then be classified as a superpower.

Obviously, as with anything in todays world, America’s “economics of fear” its playing out on the political front. The effect will impact the world, no question. Just as South Africa’s economy is built on crime … the USA, is fast becoming a fear based economy. So why do I say that?

Home Protection; military…

If you’ve been to an optometrist, you feel me, I know you do!

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Just as chiropractor John Harper’s character in “2 ½ Men” gets slated because he isn’t a real doctor, optometrists also fall into that ‘he wasn’t good enough to be a doctor’ category. Along with herbalists, dieticians, dermatologists, chemists and perhaps gynaecologists. Now some may say – my gynaecologist is a REAL doctor – but is he really? – really, really? My mother told me all male gynaecologists are licensed perverts who love to golf. So while they’ve gone through medical school, they only study one part of the anatomy and it’s purely for ulterior motives. My Granny says female gynaecologists…

I’m finally able to talk about it, and deal with my pain …. I unintentionally killed another Christmas Tree.

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Authors back yard … they'll grow back (I hope) . Photo by Ashlynn Murphy on Unsplash

As mass murderers go, I’m up there with Ted Bundy. However my ‘victims’ are trees, Christmas Trees to be exact … if only trees could talk! It was so bad this year, I had to tape the ornaments to the branches to keep them from falling. I hoped nobody noticed … I was dead wrong.

By arrangement nobody had said anything. I thought they were being kind, again I was wrong. They had conspired to ‘attack’ at gifting time on Christmas morning. I call it – “the attack of the Inn Keeper”.

Being stabbed in the back by your own…

Some may be saying … are you mental? But hear me out.

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I have written a few pieces about Trump’s presidency from an external perspective influenced by having lived in the States for many years (but not currently). Below are two of those articles. There will be thousands of words written about the last 24-hours, but lets not overreact. Let us not knee jerk this thing. And let us remember that positives exist in every situation if you look hard enough.

So why let Trump run again you may ask, given the latest events beamed across the world, of thugs storming the Capitol Building. And my answer is simple.

If Donald is…

I hear this comment far to often – and my response is always – NO!

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I’ve owned several steakhouses. You’d be amazed at how many steaks come back due to incorrect temperature, or customers personal interpretation of temperature. And one thing I have learned, practically every customer is an expert on meat temperature. While you always listen to your doctor or optician, most NEVER listen to your steakhouse owner despite the fact he may have prepared thousands of steaks during his lifetime. His knowledge, it seems, is always secondary to yours when it comes to steak temperature. …


Brand Nerd. Waiting for the fat lady to sing ! Dyslexic - is it there or their. Passionate about making time to just think!!

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