What makes a good meal great? What distinguishes a good restaurant chef from a home cook? The answer may surprise you.

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Three things:

  • Repetition;

I’m going to focus on sauces, which by nature obviously includes stocks. They are an extension of the dish you are preparing and are usually quite quick and simple to prepare. I am not talking about the sauces you buy commercially like ketchup.

But first, a quick word on points 1 and 2. Most professional chefs don’t cook something new everyday for patrons. They have a printed or written menu and they cook the items on that menu daily … EVERY day, for months and often years.

I think of dishes…

Why is the Mercedes strategy, usually solid and unflappable, looking so weak and exposed?

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Mercedes have had a good run scooping up everything in F1. And yes, I realize one swallow does not make a summer, and this may look (or be) a bit premature or unfair on Mercedes, and specifically, on Toto Wolff, but I cannot help feeling the House of Mercedes has a wolff in the hen house. And its causing carnage.

Toto is an amazing manager, but perhaps he has spread himself too thin managing the various pieces of the Mercedes racing puzzle. He also manages a fair number of drivers too. Its a lot. And then there is the high…

Having a phobia about ‘feathers’, or any phobia, is passed down through genes. It’s MY fact!

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There is a strange anomaly in the animal kingdom – if you dislike a particular type of domesticated creature, they gravitate towards you … instinctively. Cat haters or those with allergies, are always accosted by the resident cat who “wants to make friends”. Why is that?

This instinct reminds me of “Randy” — every toothless redneck with hairy shoulders who announces, every time he meets a lesbian couple — from his rocking chair, lazing on his dilapidated porch and spitting tobacco “gravy”, while chugging bad moonshine.

“One night with me and you’ll turn (back) to men”! — followed by a…

It’s true. I really do. She’s very special.

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My family own butcheries, her family is vegan. Her’s is staunchly Catholic, my family is – “whatever is closest to the house and accepts cash to say we really are members of the congregation”, when we need a venue for births, deaths and marriages.

What could possibly go wrong?

Her father took me for a milkshake to explain the “rhythm method” in graphic detail. I love milk, I adore milkshakes – but on this occasion, I was no longer thirsty. He told me I’m marrying a virgin. I didn't have the heart to tell him that ship had sailed.


Being followed is pretty scary. Especially if you are more in the ‘shadows’ than out. A grisly profile pic and a few words is all I have to go on … can you be trusted; will you stay on your side of the street; is it friendship or something sinister?

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In most polite social circles having someone constantly follow you is frowned upon …scary even.

“Have you told the police?”, someone might offer.

But on Medium, it leads to a brief and mild state of euphoria. It’s a happy moment. Some unsuspecting person thinks you are interesting enough to make that conscious decision to follow.

But for me the euphoria is quickly replaced with “WHY” … what was that single happening or moment in time when you decided … “bugger it, caution to the wind, I’m going to follow this gal / guy.” OR … This guys writing is so…

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One key thing I’ve noticed is the massive shift in the USA away from “country” to “party”. How has this shift affected you?

I’m an avid reader and follow various social media platforms, independent news and mainstream news channels from around the globe.

It’s part of my work as a strategic retail strategist. I obviously follow trends in the USA as it’s one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

Is this “party first” mentality a new phenomenon ? Personally I don’t think ALL of it is. For decades it’s always reared its head around election time, but once the elections are over, the country more or less returns to being a ‘united’ country again.

However perhaps the catalyst for this shift…

Here are my top tips to produce perfect basil pesto.

Pesto is really any ingredient “pounded” in a pestle and mortar until it becomes a sauce, paste or spread.

Photo by Girl with red hat on Unsplash

Traditionally the best Pestle and Mortar is marble, personally I disagree, but I’m probably splitting hairs here. I used to use marble in our kitchens as a work surface, but I found it absorbed smell. So changed my pestle and mortar to granite (and my counter tops) which is both harder and less porous. I’ve never looked back. Especially if you grind strong aromatics for recipes like curries etc. …

A little story of how our family dog is changing school children’s lives. Plus a ‘Truthful’ guide of how dogs get into “doggy heaven.”

Our West Highland White Terrier, Lola is back at the top of her game. We are so grateful.

Photo be author of Lola being contained during school lessons. Her ‘mom’ is sitting at the white desk.

Once upon a time, Lola, a precious family member and dog had lost her mojo. Her doggy brother and companion, Monty, had to be put down and Lola was ever so lonely. She searched high and low for Monty, but sadly he had been taken to doggy heaven via the usual method … in a chariot made of delicious dog biscuits – chicken flavour, his favourite.

The 6 dogs pulling Monty’s chariot up to heaven, each…

We all need to do our ‘bit’, I’m “finger-waggingly” informed by my youngest.

Photo by USGS on Unsplash

“If you want to save the planet, eat crickets and insects” – my online downloaded newspaper informs me.

I immediately begin to consider – how vital is this planet really, is my life absolutely dependent on THIS particular planet. I’m not sure I’m “cricket eating” desperate to save this planet. As with everything – I’m just mildly desperate. Mild should be my middle name.

But the finger wag suggests this is serious … so I’ve bought a small round table from IKEA. It’s for my imaginary Knights of the Round Table gatherings to right the wrongs of the world.


We surely can do better.

Cruise ships anchored in Manila Bay on May 31, 2020. Photographer: TED ALJIBE/AFP

This headline caught my attention. I started to read about the terrible waste caused by Covid. Governments don't really talk about this stuff. Priorities are so skewed in Government these days. All governments. Equally media is so small minded and sensationalist. What constitutes “news” these days would only be found in a 10 cent tabloid a few years ago.

While millions starve across the planet. It is estimated that 10-billion pounds of potato has been dumped in the USA alone. Potatoes that were destined for the foodservice industry – restaurants, cruise liners, hotels etc. which…


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